PYME.Acquire.PYMEAcquire module

This is the principle entry point for PYMEAcquire, the acquisition component of PYME.

PYMEAcquire takes one option to specify the initialisation file, which should be in the ‘PYME/Acquire/Scripts’ directory

python -i <initialisation file>

If run without an intialisation file it defaults to using simulated hardware.

class PYME.Acquire.PYMEAcquire.BoaApp(options, *args)

Bases: wx._core.App


Active IsActive(self) -> bool
AppDisplayName GetAppDisplayName(self) -> String
AppName See GetAppName and SetAppName
AssertMode See GetAssertMode and SetAssertMode
ClassName See GetClassName and SetClassName
EvtHandlerEnabled See GetEvtHandlerEnabled and SetEvtHandlerEnabled
ExitOnFrameDelete See GetExitOnFrameDelete and SetExitOnFrameDelete
LayoutDirection See GetLayoutDirection
NextHandler See GetNextHandler and SetNextHandler
PreviousHandler See GetPreviousHandler and SetPreviousHandler
PrintMode See GetPrintMode and SetPrintMode
TopWindow See GetTopWindow and SetTopWindow
Traits See GetTraits
UseBestVisual See GetUseBestVisual and SetUseBestVisual
VendorDisplayName GetVendorDisplayName(self) -> String
VendorName See GetVendorName and SetVendorName
thisown The membership flag


PYME.Acquire.PYMEAcquire.setup_logging(default_path='logging.json', default_level=10, env_key='LOG_CFG')

Setup logging configuration