PYME.Analysis.points.astigmatism.astigTools module

PYME.Analysis.points.astigmatism.astigTools.lookup_astig_z(fres, astig_calibrations, plot=False)

Generates a look-up table of sorts for z based on sigma x/y fit results and calibration information. If a molecule appears on multiple planes, sigma values from both planes will be used in the look up. Args:

fres: dictionary-like object containing relevant fit results astig_calibrations: list of astigmatism calibration dictionaries corresponding to each multiview channel, which are

used to recreate shiftmap objects

chanPlane: list of which plane each channel corresponds to, e.g. [0, 0, 1, 1]


z: an array of z-positions for each molecule in nm (assuming proper units were used in astigmatism calibration) zerr: an array containing discrepancies between sigma values and the PSF calibration curves. Note that this

array is in units of nm, but error may not be propagated from sigma fitResults properly as is.