Cameras / Detectors

  • Andor IXon

  • Andor SDK3 Cameras (tested on Zyla and Neo)

  • Hamamatsu DCAM cameras (tested on Orca Flash and Fusion BT)

  • PCO Cameras (tested on pco.edge 4.2 LT)

  • Thorlabs DCC1240 (maybe also DCC3240)

  • IDS uEye industrial cameras (UI306x, UI327x, UI324x, probably others. Thorlabs-branded IDS)

  • Ocean Optics spectrometers (probably suffering from bitrot)

Stages / Translation

  • PI piezos (using e255, e662, e709 and e816 controller interface boards, covers most PI piezos, likely easily modifyable to new controllers)

  • PI piezo linear motor stages using the C867 controller (M686 stage and similar)

  • PI stepper motor stages using the Mercury command set

  • Marzhauser Tango translation stages and joystick

  • Thorlabs MG17?? piezos (this was a 3-axis stage, somewhat dated now)

Lasers / Light Sources

  • Coherent OBIS lasers

  • MPB Lasers

  • Toptica iBeam lasers

  • Cobolt lasers

  • Matchbox lasers

  • Omicron Phoxx lasers

  • Prior Lumen arclamp

  • Oriel Cornerstone arclamp and monochrometer

Filters / Shutters

  • AA Optoelectronics AOTF

  • Simple voltage controlled AOTF (via Arduino)

  • Thorlabs FW102B filter wheels


  • TI LightCrafter DMD

  • Thorlabs PM100USB power meter

  • Arduino-based analog, & digital IO

  • Nikon TE2000 stand

  • Nikon Ti stand

  • 3D Connexion “Space Navigator” 3D mouse

  • Micro Photon Devices Picosecond Delayer


Hardware support using other packages: * [Oxford Micron’s microscope]( lasers and filterwheels