PYMEImage (dh5view) - Image Data Analysis and Viewing

DSView is a general purpose data viewer that supports all the PYME Data Formats and additionally the QUEUE objects used in real-time data analysis. DSView may either be invoked with the command:

dh5view [options] filename

or launched programatically by passing a numpy array or PYME datasource to PYME.DSView.View3D(...).


DSView has a number of modules for performing various analysis tasks, including Localisation Analysis, PSF Extraction, Deconvolution, and Tiling.


Modes represent personalities suitable for use with certain types of data and determine which modules are loaded on startup. The mode used is determined by filename, although modules which are not loaded by default can be inserted later from the Modules menu.

The modes are:


File types



programatic invocation

no modules loaded


.h5, QUEUE

localisation analysis



blob analysis and PSF extraction


aything else

PSF extraction

A particular mode can be forced by calling dh5view with the -m option, eg:

dh5view -m LM filename