PYME.LMVis package

This package contains code related to VisGUI, the visualization program for localization point data sets. The main components would be:

  • PYME.LMVis.VisGUI : the main GUI code used for point visualization

  • PYME.LMVis.pipeline : the underlying pipeline object which handles file opening and manipulation (this is

    the core non-gui component of point processing)

Also of interest are:
  • PYME.LMVis.inpFilt : The filters and mappings used to build up the pipeline

  • PYME.LMVis.renderers : The code which interfaces the individual rendering methods used to convert point

    data to some kind of density map.

Plugins are located in PYME.LMVis.Extras.

The VisGUI can be launched using the VisGUI script.