PYME.localization package

This is where the single molecule localisation routines live.

Key components:
  • PYME.localization.FitFactories : Fit factories. A fit factory is an implementation of a particular method of

    fitting - e.g. lateral Gaussian, astigmatic Gaussian, or interpolated 3D. There are fit factories for a number of different 2D and 3D modes, as well as preliminary multi-emitter fitting support.

  • PYME.localization.remFitBuf : A contraction of Remote Fit Buffered, this is the core code which ensures

    massages and buffers the image data, and calls the appropriate fit factory. It contains most of the logic which is shared amongst different fit methods. This includes noise models, and handling of sCMOS camera maps. As implied by the Remote in it’s name, it is typically executed as a task running under PYME.ParallelTasks.taskWorkerZC.

  • PYME.localization.ofind : Single molecule identification / finding code. This works by performing matched

    filtering and SNR dependent thresholding.