PYME.Analysis.PSFGen package

This module contains various routines for generating simulated PSFs.

These include:

The Gibson and Lanni model for imaging through stratified media (ps_app) and models based on Fourier propagation. For the later, (PYME.Analysis.PSFGen.fourier) generates far field paraxial / low NA PSFs, whereas (PYME.Analysis.PSFGen.fourierHNA) uses a modified Fourier propagation scheme which better reflects a high NA and/or vectorial imaging scenario.

Functions are available for simulating the most common PSFs types used in localization microscopy, along with PSFs having arbitrary pupils and / or aberrations expressed as in terms of Zernike modes.

(PYME.Analysis.PSFGen.fourierHNA) also has a basic implementation of the Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm for pupil phase extraction.